Better2gether RVA was founded on the belief that all families of children battling illness — regardless of the diagnoses — deserve access to the same resources and support services.

Mentor Support Program

Connecting families experienced at managing a child’s complex medical care with those of more recently diagnosed children, this program provides valuable guidance and support navigating the medical care system as well as family and financial hurdles.

Music Therapy

Monthly group sessions offer the medically complex child and their siblings an opportunity to explore a variety of instruments, learn different genres of music and incorporate dancing and art. We also offer one-on-one sessions with a certified music therapist.

SMILE (Students Making It a Little Easier)

VCU’s School of Medicine program pairing medical students with pediatric patients helps provide welcome distraction — and smiles — during long days at the hospital seeking treatment. We expanded the program to enable previously unserved pediatric patients to engage in relationships with both medical and nursing students for recreational and emotional support throughout their treatment.

Better Bags

High-quality tote bags for parents and backpacks for children are stocked with comfort items for long and unexpected hospital stays — including books, toys and Kindle Fires — as well as organizational resources for managing the child’s medical care.

Moments Caregiver Support Group

A partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, this monthly support group provides opportunities for caregivers to connect in a safe, nurturing and supportive community through workshops, speakers and other educational opportunities.

Financial Assistance

Caring for a child with medical complexity generates a financial burden on families, and we assist families with associated costs of seeking treatment such as meals, transportation expenses and more.

With continued support from donors, community partners and organizations, we hope to launch new programs such as Music Therapy and Care Coordination, and help more families gain access to previously non-existent support services.

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