Our Story

Better2gether RVA began when close friends had ill children at the same time.

One child was diagnosed with cancer; the other with a rare lung disease. Both children started treatment plans at the same hospital system; yet there was a striking difference in the non-medical support services available to their families.

At that time, no family support services existed in Richmond for children with complex medical illnesses. Better2gether RVA was born from both mothers’ desire to ensure that all families — regardless of the diagnosis — receive the support they need.

About Us

Since 2017, Better2gether RVA has provided mentorship, counsel and recreational programming for families of children diagnosed with complex medical illnesses, plus valuable resources for managing treatment and its associated costs. As we grow, new programs are being added and more families are gaining access to previously non-existent support every day.

While help has been widely available for families in Richmond, Va. fighting well-known illnesses like cancer and juvenile diabetes, no family support services previously existed for children with complex medical illnesses.

Better2gether supports and equips families of children with medical complexity with tools to care for their child, and creates community among like families.

Caring for an ill child can be devastating. But with the right tools and resources, families get the support they need so they can focus on what’s most important — their child’s health and happiness.

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Better2gether RVA is an independent non-profit provider of family support services for children with rare and complex medical illnesses in Richmond.

Dylan, 5