Champions – Meet Allie!

Likes: more like LOVES <3 school, PJ MASK, music, YouTube, watermelon, lacrosse, and Randolf Macon

Favorite Animal: (stuffed) her orange Panda Petey Bear and Gekko from PJ Mask (real) pandas and elephants

Dislikes: eating, chewing, trying new foods, being told no

Hospitalizations: NICU in Greensboro, NC at Moses Cone Women’s Hospital and Winston Salem at Brenners Children’s Hospital for only 91 days!!

Clinics Visited: GI, Neuro, Audiology, Nephrology, Urology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Surgery, Allergy and Immunology, Physical Medicine, Neuro Clinic, Endocrinology, Genetics, Infectious Diseases, Neuropshychology, Palliative Care, Sleep Medicine, CP Clinic, Transplant

Therapies Received: weekly feeding (discharged once and now we are back), PT, OT, and speech therapist


Allie is a spunky 7 year old that loves all that she does. She is super excited whenever she does anything and she gives her all, all the time. Even though it seems that Allie has a million doctors and therapist she really loves life. She is the happiest little girl I know and has the most infectious laugh, ever.

She started off life a little bumpy, born 13 weeks early. he lost over 2/3 of her small bowel before she was a month old. Today she has separate feeding tubes that feed her stomach (g tube), her intestines (j tube) and a third tube (cecostomy) that because of minimal bowel motility is used to empty her bowels several times a week. Allie has a permanent iv line placed in her chest where she receives iv nutrition, medications, and fluids every day. She wears a monitor on her stomach to keep track of her blood sugar 24/7 because of extreme fluctuations.

She was recruited by the Randolph Macon Women’s Lacrosse Team and loves her role as an honorary team member………. She loves to go to practice and lead the girls in the gym. She gets so excited to give high fives at the end of the game.

Allie puts her all into everything she does. She rarely gets discouraged even when spending weeks in the hospital at a time. She knows how to make the best out of every situation.